It’s not uncommon for people struggling with mental illnesses to keep those struggles to themselves. Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in the world, and yet, there is still a stigma that surrounds it. 

Much of that stigma comes from misinformation. People that are quick to “judge” may not fully understand what anxiety is, what it looks like, or what it feels like. If you’re the one dealing with it, you might avoid getting the help you need because you’re afraid of how people might see you. 

While mental health issues are getting more awareness these days than ever, it still isn’t enough. 

When you’re dealing with anxiety and you’re also facing the fear of the stigma that surrounds it, it’s difficult to overcome by yourself.

Thankfully, therapy can help. 

Let’s take a closer look at what therapy can do for you—in more ways than one. 

It Gives You the Power to Educate

Many times, people struggling with anxiety might not know how to explain what they’re thinking and feeling to others. You might be nervous about saying the right thing, or “exposing” yourself somehow. 

Therapy can give you the skills and resources to be confident in what you’re saying. It can actually educate you on your own anxiety, so you can educate the people in your life. The more people who actually know what anxiety is really all about, the more the stigma surrounding it will lose its power. 

You’ll Feel Supported

It’s far too easy to feel alone when you’re going through a mental health condition like anxiety. That’s especially true if you feel you can’t talk to anyone about it. 

Therapy will give you an outlet to share everything. Even though a therapist is a neutral party, they provide a safe and nurturing environment where you should feel comfortable opening up about everything you’re feeling. 

Simply talking about your symptoms, triggers, and finding out where your anxiety stems from can take a huge weight off of your chest. It will also provide you with the support you need to feel better about yourself, which leads to our next point. 

It Will Give You Confidence

Not only will therapy help to educate you on anxiety, but it can give you more self-confidence. You’ll learn how to work through the underlying issues causing the disorder and any triggers that might contribute to it. 

When you feel empowered by therapy, you can honor your own story. You can also help others who might struggle to step forward and get the help they need. 

Feeling more confident thanks to therapy can also help you speak out against the effects of stigma. Some people have things to say about anxiety because they know little about it. Others spread lies and make fun of the condition because they’ve bought into the stereotypes. 

If that happens, therapy can give you the boost you need to stand up against stigma and call out those who are spreading it. Remind them that mental health conditions are just as serious as physical ailments. 

You might sometimes hear people stigmatizing therapy itself. Don’t let that keep you from getting the help you need. Again, most people tend to spread rumors about things when they don’t know enough about them to say anything else. 

If you’re struggling with anxiety, it’s nearly impossible for it to go away on its own. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in learning more about how therapy can help. Together, we can get to the underlying cause(s) of your own anxiety, so you can work on overcoming the stigma that surrounds it.