About Kate

Hi, I’m Kate. 

I started out on a path toward counseling as a teenager, after working with a therapist who had a profound impact on me. She made me feel heard and understood in a way that allowed me to carry, into adulthood, the value of self-compassion and awareness. 

But therapy was not my first career. I began as a young professional in the world of journalism and worked as a news producer for a number of years. This job was beneficial in exposing me to different perspectives, stories, and struggles that, in turn, aided me in building empathy, objectivity, and cultural competence. 

These qualities lie at the foundation of my approach to counseling, which I see as an opportunity to hold a safe space for all—regardless of what they may be experiencing or feeling. 

I strive to be nonjudgmental in my practice while meeting people where they are in that moment and encouraging them to be their most authentic selves. The therapist-client connection is very sacred to me, and I try to live by the same therapeutic principles that I seek to strengthen in others. 

“Our Wounds Are Often The Openings Into The Best And Most Beautiful Parts Of Us.”
– David Richo

I believe that we all experience trauma in our lives and that it looks different for each and every one of us. The pain and adversity we carry in life shape us, and therapy can make such a remarkable difference in how we heal from those traumas, how we tell our story. 

While I am certainly knowledgeable in the areas of trauma, anxiety, and depression, I also specialize in grief and loss—especially as they pertain to the fertility and parenting challenges that so many women face. I have had my own struggles with infertility and feel honored to extend my support to those who are on what can be an often painful and frustrating journey. And for parents considering or attempting to navigate the process of adoption or foster care, my own experience as a foster and adoptive mom has provided me with invaluable insight into this rewarding yet complex journey. 

Too often, we oscillate between feeling like we “should” get through difficult emotions on our own and assuming that those around us are not, too, suffering. But part of my passion as a therapist is validating the unique experiences and emotions of my clients while breaking down the stigmas and barriers preventing them from exercising compassion for themselves and the world around them. 

This strong component of empathy runs through my practice, but I also hope to make the therapeutic experience light and joyful when appropriate. I find humor to be very healing at times and aim to help clients walk away from sessions feeling as though they just spent an hour with a companion who is deeply invested in their self-esteem and well-being. I really value the individuality and uniqueness of each client and seek to listen with intent in order to understand the intricacies of their story. 

When I’m not working, I’m likely to be spending time with my partner, our two small dogs, and our sweet daughter Gigi, who adds so much sunshine to our lives. We love to travel and spend time with friends and family while soaking up that San Diego sun! 

A Safe Space To Explore, A Safe Place To Be You

If you are looking for a caring clinician who will understand your pain and support you in your healing, I’d be honored to offer you my compassion and encouragement. No matter if you’re grappling with daily anxieties, lingering aimlessness, or profound grief and loss, I know there is a wisdom within you that can direct you on a path of hope and resolution. Let me help you unlock it. 

I offer free consultations and can be reached via email or phone at (858) 342-2646.